Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 10 Motivating Songs

There are days when you need something to pump you up like a jump start cable... and the coffee just doesn't cut it. So I put together a list of the most motivating songs I could find to help kick your life up a notch, whether it's to help you run a marathon or just get through your day.

By the time you listen to the whole list, you'll probably feel like your life is a movie and you're the hero! It was pretty tempting to add Rocky's "Eye of the Tiger" to this list, but I figured everyone already knows that one. :)

9. Never Say Never - Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith (somebody probably wants to kick my butt for putting a  JB song on this list, but the truth is the words to this song are really motivating, can't lie.)

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